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This video resource library is my answer to every coaching client who’s ever said: 

“I wish I had you on my shoulder for every audition.”

Well… ask and you shall receive!

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An invaluable resource for beginners or working VO pros,

The Library offers…

Actionable Audition Guidance


Tina's technique teaches you to drop into roles authentically and connect deeply to stories from your unique point of view. Her step-by-step method will demystify auditions and give you a reliable process to deliver compelling performances that align with today’s more elevated, cinematic commercial styles.

Creative Freedom and Efficiency


The Library ignites and supports your creative process, so your time in the booth becomes more efficient and filled with joy and satisfaction rather than doubt and frustration. Tina simplifies and streamlines self-direction once and for all, saving you hours of editing and second-guessing.

Lifetime Access To Industry Expertise


When you become a member of the Voiceover Library, you gain lifetime access to Tina Morasco's invaluable insights from over 30 years in the industry. As a top voiceover coach and experienced casting director, Tina's personalized guidance is here for you 24/7 through video lessons, email support, and members-only, small-group coaching sessions. 

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Frustrated by self-direction?

Tina's step-by-step technique offers you a lifeline that will have you feeling confident that you’re matching the specific needs of the client.
It really is like having Tina on your shoulder for every audition.

Ditch the self-doubt and check out a fresh perspective with The Library

Wondering why your reads don't book or feeling lost in the booth? You are not alone.

  • Second guessing your choices?
  • Tired of doing 75 takes that all sound the same?
  • Need creative inspiration?


It's time for The Library!

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Real Voices.

Real Results.

Testimonials from real library members.


How The Library Works

Coaching When You Need It

The Voiceover Library is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. You can access Tina's coaching anytime, anywhere, through on-demand video lessons.

Easy to Use Platform

Lessons are organized by topic for easy searching. Dive into foundational techniques or refresh advanced skills at your own pace. Time-coded chapters make it quick and easy to search a concept as needed before an audition.

Real-Time Industry Knowledge

Whether you're a beginner or a working pro, the Library levels up your craft. New videos ensure you stay on top of industry changes in real-time. Lifetime access means your investment yields ongoing rewards.

Self-Direction and Your Authentic Voice

Unlock your authentic voice, understand what clients demand, and deliver compelling auditions that reflect the real you. In short – make self-direction FUN again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bring Tina into the booth with you with 24/7 access to her expert advice

Targeted videos of Tina’s foundational method broken down and searchable by topic

Relevant and actionable tips to empower your choices when self-directing

Tina Morasco's Voiceover Library


Lifetime Membership

Over 3 hours of Tina’s primary coaching content to guide you toward delivering your most authentic read every time


Tina’s expert insight on navigating new trends in VO and avoiding common pitfalls

24/7 access to your video coaching library with the Kajabi App wherever you go