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Angus Macleod

If there weren't a Tina Morasco already, the voiceover industry would have had to will her into existence. Like, if you specified the qualities you'd ideally want in a voiceover coach, wouldn't it be stuff like skilled, knowledgeable, kind, supportive, thoughtful, patient, laid back, contemporary, artistic, practical, hilarious, empathetic, engaging, approachable, enthusiastic, committed, articulate, down-to-earth, and passionate? And since no mere mortal could tick every one of those boxes, after a while, wouldn't you just cast the list out there and wait for a sign? A sign such as... Tina Morasco's Coaching Library!"

Ken Foster

"I really don't want to tell you about Tina's expert VO coaching technique. Or how she tapped into my inner voice actor, transforming my audition game. Or point out how Tina's experience performing, representing AND casting has her ear fine-tuned to the Now trends in voiceover. Or even that she's sharp, funny & knows her shit - cold. I don't know you - why would I share any of that? Book a session & figure it out for yourself."

Lucy Parkinson

"I can say without hesitation that working with Tina truly changed my life. While I had been studying voiceover for several years, meeting Tina, whose expertise in acting, voiceover, and as a casting director, pushed me to a new level. Within our first session, she immediately recognized I was ready for an agent and helped me connect with them! Within a few weeks I was auditioning and not only that, I booked several jobs, including a national TV commercial! I mean, WHAT?! Plus Tina is an empathetic, positive, encouraging coach who will be with you every step of the way cheering you on. I'm so lucky to know her!"

Bella Asali

"Tina Morasco has honestly changed my life for the better! She is such a positive and uplifting coach and has helped me find my natural voice. Her training has helped me hone in my vocal strengths and make every read unique. Her years of experience within the voiceover industry proves that she knows what she's talking about and without her training, I would not be receiving the opportunities I have now!"

Carolyn Casey

"I truly hate Tina. She has it all—brains, wit, beauty and truly the best coaching ability I’ve ever witnessed. If ad agencies were really savvy, they’d hire Tina to coach every VO session they do. She somehow manages to find each person’s unique talents and insightfully guides them with precise direction. There’s just no one as talented and as much fun as she is."

James Hendry

"Those who can, do. And those who can... also teach. A talented actress, an accomplished voice artist, an insightful coach. And one of the most caring people I've ever met."

Janab Kareem

"Tina is an ABSOLUTE JEWEL! I’m so grateful for her voiceover coaching! Her positive, straight forward energy is so addictive that I know we will always have a great relationship. She is so approachable, relatable and knowledgeable about this industry and I still continue to learn from her. Within months of working with her, I have not only established an agent, but also have had multiple auditions and bookings! Thank you Tina for everything!!!!"

Juliette Myers

"As a member of VME, (Veterans in Media and Entertainment), 40 members were given an opportunity to participate in a hands-on VO workshop at a studio with top coaches who volunteered their time; 3 coaches per 7 person group in a practice booth session. Tina was one of the people I worked with. I was very impressed & fascinated by the way in which she directed the room, her knowledge base, making adjustments, and motivation! This session was the first step in a new direction for me. I realized I needed to work on my groundwork and that I didn't quite understand the industry the way I should have. I privately coached with Tina, and she helped me to develop a dynamic compelling VO demo reel, that I am truly proud of. I emailed my reel out and got swift responses back from top agents requesting a meeting with me! I was very excited and thankful to be able to sign with VOX agency! I have since booked multiple spots including a CBS promo and a holiday radio spot. Tina is an outstanding coach and wonderful human being! I'd call her a friend. She is a joy to work with and I've had tremendous growth and development as an artist because of her."

Scott Palmer

"I recently listened to an interview with Cillian Murphy talking about Oppenheimer. I thought of you when he spoke about his process and approach to acting — felt like I was in the Morasco Library. It was interesting to hear him say how he very specifically fills his subconscious with information about “who, what, where, and why.” He spoke about not really having a technique but that he made very specific choices about the character's "pre life." He clearly would "fill his tank” (my words not his) and when the director called “action," he let his instincts take over, knowing those vivid details were firmly in place. It was an interesting interview, and very much in alignment with your philosophy and approach to being honest, truthful, specific, and believable. MAGIC!"

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