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Demo Production 

"To call Tina Morasco a demo producer is a travesty.  She is so much more.  She is a demo designer.  A demo architect.   A demo builder.  A demo creator.  A demo artist.   When I think of a producer, I think of a technically finished product.  What Tina does with and for her talent is what Michelangelo did with his marble: they ground the work in a creative, living  relationship.   Michelangelo said,  "The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work.  It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” That is how Tina works. She is invested in the process of producing.  She creates a workspace built on mutual respect, trust, professionalism, encouragement, and joy.  To create with Tina is an extraordinary and unbelievable experience."

~ Maggie Pistner, Atlas Talent

Produced by Tina Morasco SOVAS Award Winner Best Commercial Demo 2022
Maggie Pistner Demo

“Tina elevates her years of craft and expertise with equally matched intuition to help talent identify, highlight and isolate our individual voiceover sweet spot. The results are magnificent and aid in carving out our own specific niche in a cacophony of voices.”

~ Jason Kelley, Atlas Talent

Produced by Tina Morasco
Jason Kelley Demo

"I absolutely love Tina! Not only is she a great coach who's able to pull things out of you, but her infectious energy makes you have fun doing it! I had a blast and felt so comfortable and supported throughout the entire process of my demo creation. The final product speaks for itself...literally."

~ Shondalia White, Atlas Talent

Produced by Tina Morasco
Shondalia White Demo

"If there weren’t a Tina Morasco already, the voiceover industry would have had to will her into existence. Like, if you specified the qualities you’d ideally want in a voiceover coach, wouldn’t it be stuff like skilled, knowledgeable, kind, supportive, thoughtful, patient, laid back, contemporary, artistic, practical, hilarious, empathetic, engaging, approachable, enthusiastic, committed, articulate, down-to-earth, and passionate? And since no mere mortal could tick every one of those boxes, after a while wouldn’t you just cast the list out there and wait for a sign? A sign such as… Tina Morasco’s Coaching Library!"

~ Angus Macleod, Atlas Talent

Produced by Tina Morasco
Angus Macleod Demo

"As a member of VME, (Veterans in Media and Entertainment), 40 members were given an opportunity to participate in a hands-on VO workshop at a studio with top coaches who volunteered their time; 3 coaches per 7-person group in a practice booth session. Tina was one of the people I worked with. I was very impressed & fascinated by the way in which she directed the room, her knowledge base, making adjustments, and motivation! This session was a first step in a new direction for me. I realized I needed to work on my groundwork and that I didn’t quite understand the industry the way I should have. I privately coached with Tina and she helped me to realize my own organic sound and taught me in a way that gave me confidence and grounded my work. She helped me to develop a dynamic compelling VO demo reel, that I am truly proud of. I emailed my reel out and got swift responses back from top agents requesting a meeting with me! I was so very excited and thankful to be able to sign with VOX agency! I have since booked multiple spots including a CBS promo and a holiday radio spot. Tina is an outstanding coach and a wonderful human being! I’d call her a friend. She is a joy to work with and I’ve had tremendous growth and development as an artist because of her."

~ Juliette Myers, VOX Talent

Produced by Tina Morasco
Juliette Myers Demo